About the Project 10,000 Dancers

This is a website devoted to the (re)publication of outstanding interviews in the fields of Ballet, Modern Dance, Contemporary Dance, Choreography, Design, Music, Education, Philanthropy and the Performing Arts. The purpose of these interviews is to document various important historical and present data and opinions, quotations, advice, and perspective by serious performing artists in the field of ballet particularly, but also in the field of dance generally, especially with a view to the posterity of and the residual effects on the dance community at large and history, inevitably.

Since perspective is so important in the field of dance as it relates to the momentum of movement, and the moment, and is not really contained anywhere else, perfectly, but is felt by the dancer, and expressed by the dancer, it is with great reverence and awe that these interviews are published, so that generations to come may continue to add to them and be guided by them, despite the artist’s or interviewee’s status at that time. Their opinions and contributions are deemed historically significant. It is hoped that interviews will be obtained, donated or given that will will cause the numbers of actual artists interviewed here to increase 10-fold from the initial project which is 1,oo0 dancers, and a very low number, in truth. Humbly, if this project grows, its magnitude will increase and more correctly represent the number of dancers and other personages represented.

As I announced the start this project a few years ago, it is my idea, as set forth in 1979 while still in high school, and the idea then was to ascertain, or try to understand Why dancers danced. A copycat, took my idea from my blog on the Internet, and tried to capitalize on it, or prevent it, by holding the name 1,000 dancers. It could have been anyone, but was certainly not done before I announced the project publicly in the beginning of 2012-it may have also been an idea of theirs, but it was my idea they tried to capitalize on. But, if the truth is told, what is wrong with more interviews on more dancers, more perspectives, and more words?

This website is in the same family, linked to in some ways, Facebook, Twitter, etc., unavoidably, but is completely separate from mysylph.com, and the above can be verified there, as the dates of my posts are relevant and that was its premise, as stated in the subtitle of the site-however, as I have learned by writing, this is not about myself, that site turned out to be an inappropriate vehicle for the information and data wishing to be supplied which I hope has little of the hegemony many interviews do, as I am trying to put forth here the actual thoughts, feelings and positions of those interviewed and not the reporter or interviewer.

So, inexplicably, the site bears the name 1,000 dancers, but is located by searching 10,000dancers.wordpress.com  instead as my own best efforts were thwarted, when spurned to obtain the name 1,000dancers, and it was, by then, alas, unavailable on wordpress. I will see what I can do about this. Publicity is sometimes a bad thing, and so are some people.

As I am not associating myself with this project in any way, it is to be maintained as completely non-profit, and the site may be posthumously under administration by my legates. It will remain on the web for as long as possible, and may that be as long as Methuselah, so we will try to find it its own domain.  So, without regret, we move on, as 1,000 dancers did seem a small number compared to the many actual luminaries there have been and are, and are eventually to be. But, if there is a book, it will be called only 1,000 dancers-I hope! This is it though it is in an evolving form.

I hope you will enjoy reading these informative and penetrating interviews and that they may have an impact on and increase your love for dance.


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